All You Should Know About Wooden Blinds Windows

When it majorly comes to the dressing update of the windows, then wooden blinds are referred to as the best and ideal solution for updating the dressing of the window. The wooden blinds are ever-stylish, sleek and sturdy thus making it the favorite for people for a special reason. You may not know that but wood never goes out of the style. The experts who provide blind installation services usually suggest having wooden blinds windows are used for proper protection.

You may be thinking that what makes this window blinds so special. So, your answer is here, let’s see something about the window blinds that you need to know.

How Wooden Blinds Work?

Wooden blinds are known to provide the feature of multiple horizontal slats which are linked together with the help of the cord pulley system. This particular design of the blind is also known as Venetian.

When the blinds are raised completely then the slats of the blinds gather on the top of the window, which reveals the full view of the outside surrounding. Thus, when the blinds are rotated and lowered, wooden blinds usually obscure the views coming from the outside environment and it blocks all sunlight.

You may also not know that wooden blinds windows can also be arranged in a different position and it depends upon the amount of natural light and privacy you need.

Real Wood or Faux Wood

Wooden blinds can be easily made from the real wood or using the alternative as faux such as composite style or PVC. When you choose between both of these options, you should always choose one available in your budget and depending upon the location of windows in your house.

In case, if you have a large budget and you want to install new blinds in your house then real wood is the best solution for your windows. And in case if you have a small budget then you can go for faux wood blind as it would be the ideal option for your windows as well as it will not suffer from the potential damage of water.

What About Width, Slat Size, and Drop?

It is well-obvious that you will only select the wooden blinds that would easily style in your provided drop and width; you also need to allow the blind installation services to set up the blinds which can fit seamlessly.

When it comes to slats, the wooden blinds windows are usually available between 25 mm to 65 mm and the difference of price of slat size is minimal, and the major factor deciding the same is window size and sunlight. The wider slat can easily cover more amount of surface area while small windows should have small wooden blind slats.

Why Choose Experts?

The blind installation services provided by the experts of Onto Blinds are comes along with some of the major benefits. Thus, here are some of the benefits of hiring our experts such as:

  • Well-Trained, Skilled and Expert Technicians
  • Trustworthy and Reliable Services
  • Available 7 Days a week for Clients
  • Best Methods For Installing Window Blinds

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