Plantation Shutters Maidstone

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The Best Plantation Shutters in Maidstone

Looking for the finest and most affordable plantation shutters in Maidstone? Come to Onto Blinds Maidstone – a one-stop solution for all kinds of window coverings. We are a local run and operated business providing coolest blinds for your domestic and commercial windows for more than twenty years. With such rich experience in this industry, we are proud of our growing product range comprising stylish and functional products including vertical blinds, venetian blinds, awnings, plantation shutters, roller blinds, and roman blinds.

Plantation Shutters Maidstone
Plantation Shutters Maidstone

Plantation shutters are a beautiful substitute to awnings and blinds. They are made with an aesthetic finish, giving you complete control on how much light you want to let in. These are made of versatile material. You can ask us to create a plantation in different variations such as bi-fold, hinged, sliding, and even fixed option. These are available in different blade sizes to suit your needs and demands.

Our designed plantation shutters can be used for both outdoors and indoors of your homes and offices. Call our experts from Onto Blinds Maidstone and we will guide you on how to choose for the best shutters for your homes and offices!

Features and Benefits of Plantation Shutters


    Plantation shutters are very versatile as they can be tailored to fit any shape or size of the window. If your house has circular windows, or big large windows or uncommon oval windows, plantation shutters can be installed on them easily. This versatility makes plantation shutters preferable without hiding the beauty and shape of your window which a curtain does.


    Plantation shutters are very elegant and beautiful in their looks. You can choose from a wide range of colours and textures depending upon your need and size of windows. Match the colour of the plantation shutters according to your interior decor and p[lantation shutter always compliments your home design and layout.


    Plantation shutters are ideal for maintaining temperatures of your rooms throughout varying seasons. These shutters keep warm and hot sunlight away in the summers while also prevent chilly winds to enter in winters. Plantations shutters work best for home insulation while also helping in proper ventilation throughout your rooms.


    Many people suffer allergies from dust, pollen or pet dander. Thick curtains covering your windows can attract all of them causing people to suffer from allergies. Plantation shutters are easy to clean and maintain which can prevent dirt accumulation. There texture and quality also helps in the reduction of dirt settlement as well.


    Plantation shutters are very easy to handle and require no exertion to control. People of all ages and abilities can control and use plantation shutters as per their need. Plantation shutters are hassle free, have no loose ends or ties or strings which can prevent accidental choking or tangling.

Variety of Plantation Shutters at Onto Blinds

Our range of plantation shutters includes the following:

Timber Shutter

Timber shutters have recently become very popular. Providing an elegant look to any window, they can be made from wood, basswood, or western red cedar. We make these products from timber that comes from trees that grown for this purpose only.

The ‘slats’ that form the main part of the shutter panel are designed in aerofoil shape. This leads to two benefits – the angle of reflected light becomes less obvious and this shape allows better closure. Superior closure ensures that breeze flows in without making a whistling sound.

Plantation Shutters Maidstone
Plantation Shutters Maidstone

Aluminium Plantation Shutters Maidstone

Aluminium shutters are a better choice than the conventional timber shutters because they can be used both indoors and outdoors. We can span them almost double the amount as compared to timber or vinyl shutters without the need of any joint. Timber shutters get affected by weather changes, humidity, and moisture. On the other aluminium shutters are free from all these worries. They are a perfect choice for even bathrooms and kitchen where the humid level is high. These can be used for patios and balconies too.

These are also used for outdoor purpose because of their extreme durability and strong character. At Onto Blinds we make aluminium plantation shutters using extruded, powder coated aluminium in coherence with the industry standards. You can choose from a variety of blade sizes and colour options. You also get a warranty against bowing, twisting, and coating issues only if you buy from Onto Blinds Maidstone!

Plantation Shutters Maidstone
Plantation Shutters Maidstone

Angled Plantation Shutters Maidstone

If you have got a window designed in an unconventional shape then we have our stylish angled plantation shutters just for you. These shutters are designed to fit into any kind of triangular, round, or square opening. Give a refined look to any kind of window with this exclusive range of shutters at the most affordable price only from Onto Blinds Maidstone!

Plantation Shutters Maidstone
Plantation Shutters Maidstone

Roller Shutters

Our classic roller shutters are available in many beautiful colours, and look gorgeous on any home! They can be built with your choice of an electric or manual winder. With the easy to use manual winder, you simply spin the hand crank to make the shade go up or down. The electric winder lets you make the blind slide up or down with the push of a button! These blinds are perfect for anyone seeking extra privacy and total light control, by covering the entire window opening, they also add insulation and noise protection!

Apart from these Onto Blinds Maidstone also deals in fixed blade shutters and PVC plantation shutters. To know more about any of our plantation shutter or to make an appointment for measurement, just give us a call!

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters come with numerous benefits. To enjoy the following benefits, you need to have one at your home/office:

  • Protection from the sun and its heat
  • Good control over privacy, ventilation, and of course light
  • Better insulation of windows with aluminium, wood or vinyl shutters
  • Plantation shutters come in a vast variety of colours and UV resistant paint
  • We design custom made shutters to suit all kinds of requirements
  • We cover all shapes and sizes of windows and doors
  • Shutters come in aerofoil-shaped blades that are efficient yet beautiful
  • Shutters can be used as hinged, fixed, sliding, or bi-fold

Why Choose Onto Plantation Shutters Maidstone

Choose Us Because

  • We are experienced, local, and professionals.
  • We deliver 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We provide a free quotation.
  • We offer the lowest prices for plantation shutters.
  • We have experienced and trained staff
  • We are the BEST!

At Onto Blinds you can explore one of the richest and finest collections of plantation shutters. We design, manufacture, and install our shutters on our own and we promise to give you a delightful experience. We have grown in size over the past 20 plus years because of our reliability, quality products, and after sales customer service. Let us make your working and living spaces more attractive and functional with our voguish plantation shutters!

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