Most Suitable Blinds For Winters

Winters are an amazing season to enjoy a cup of piping hot coffee and your favourite book. It is the perfect time to snuggle up in front of your TV and do some binge watching. But for all this you need to have a warm and cozy home to give you that much needed comfort in cold weather. Also, it has been found that on an average a house loses up to 30% of its heat during winters. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention on how you can retain that heat, save on your power bills, and have a wonderful winter.
Did you know blinds play a major role in not letting the heat of your house to go outside? Yes, some of them are great heat retainers. Here we share some of our favourite picks for blinds that can give you cozy vibes all through the winter:

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of the most favourite choices for numerous people because of their functionalities and versatile nature. These blinds help in maintaining light and heat in your house. You can choose whether to use them as complete black out blinds or let a little sunshine enter your house. If you want extra comfort in your house during winters then you can get an additional insulation layer to roller blinds. Roller blinds come in different colours, styles, and fabrics and you can never go wrong with them!

Thermal Roller Blinds

Another type of roller blinds, also known as thermal roller blinds, are also effective in keeping your home insulated. They have a great feature especially for winters. These blinds can be made in single layer or in multiple layers made up of thermal material. The thermal material helps in keeping the heat inside your house. For more effective results, you should have double glazing for these blinds and fit them close to the window leaving very small gap for air. These two features will further reduce heat loss from your house. Moreover, by opting for customized blinds that are perfectly fitted to your windows, with no gaps at all, you can ensure that cold air from the outside does not enter your house.

Thermal Blinds Melbourne
Thermal Blinds Melbourne

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds get their name from their manufacturing techniques. These are designed using a honeycomb cell shape that makes pockets of energy-saving insulation. Honeycomb blinds are made using anti-static nonwoven polyester. The cell design of these blinds enables to trap air and reduce heat loss from your house. This leads to reduced power bills because of less heat energy transfer in and out of your window. These are also good resistant for dust, which means less maintenance. You can choose from a variety of cell sizes, colours, and opacities.

Blackout Blinds

Another range of blinds that have thermal properties are the blackout blinds. They are used to block out unwanted light in addition to lowering heat loss and preventing heat build up. These are roller style blinds and should be used pulled down for maximum efficiency.


Curtains are the best choice any day for a cosy and relaxed feel in the winters at your house. You can use them as you want. With curtains you can have full control of how much light and heat you want in your room. You also have the option to combine them with a sheer and then you can leave the curtains open throughout the day for a comfortable and warm living atmosphere. You can find a wide range of curtain fabrics, designs, and colours to complement your decor. With curtains, there is no limit at all. Go ahead and choose what pleases your eyes!

Vertical Blinds For Conservatories

Vertical Blinds Melbourne
Vertical Blinds Melbourne

If you are looking for blinds for patio doors or conservatories for winter season then look no farther than vertical blinds. They are the best choice, having amazing thermal properties, for these specific areas. The vane of these blinds is made of a fabric that is backed with a certain kind of material that helps in preventing cold air to enter during winters and reflects the sun during summers. They are just like Venetian blinds – you can use them either fully closed or fully open. So you can be sure of zero heat loss when vertical blinds are there for you.
Still not sure which blind to opt for? Get in touch with our qualified experts at CompanyName and we will help you guide with the most appropriate blind for your requirements. We have a vast range of blinds to fulfil various kinds of needs. Call us to know more!

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