Different Types of Vertical Blinds and Their Benefits

Want to Transform your Room? Try Vertical Blinds. 

Just like eyes happen to be the soul of a human body, a sexy window blind can change the very perception people have about your house.

It is therefore highly recommended that you must choose a blind that not only fits your requirement but also blocks out maximum natural light. In this article and the ones to follow we bring to you a detailed analysis dedicated to solving the window crisis, most people face at the time of interior decoration.

Vertical Blinds Installation
Vertical Blinds Installation

The Superstars in The World of Blinds.

For starters, you must realize which category of window fitting would be perfect for your recess.

Recess, (or reveal) is nothing but the distance between a window pane’s surface and the wall it has been built into. For small to medium-sized rooms, with little space around the walls adjacent to windows, the inside recess is the way to go and vice versa.

Done with the choice of recess, we suggest you choose one of the four most trending styles available in the market for your blind, I.e. Vertical, Roller, Roman, or Venetian.

Vertical Blinds are most efficient if your window goes upwards ie. floor to ceiling in principle. For this reason, these blinds are preferred by conservatory and summer house owners in particular. Made up of fabric pieces arranged vertically and tilted as per the light requirement these blinds are great for privacy control. But move on from fabric, below are listed different types of vertical blinds and their benefits:

Below are The Types Apart of Vertical Blinds and Their Benefits:

  • Wooden Verticals:

    A shout out to all the wood lovers, these blinds add a pinch of elegance to your rooms. Although the choice depends on the theme of your decor (preferred for nature-themed styles) what makes them a class apart from others is the durability factor. But then again wood and moisture are not really great friends. So if your house is located in any of the rain hotspots you may tend to avoid this variant.
  • Metal Vertical Blinds:

    Just like wooden compatriots, they too are durable. Made from high-grade aluminium these are available in various colour and style options in the market and used in both home and office spaces. Just in case your budget is making you nervous, nothing can be better than metal blinds. They are simply the best when it comes to cost-effectiveness!
  • PVC Verticals:

    Made up of polyvinyl chloride they are eco-friendly in nature. But that’s not all. Being flame resistant means homeowners with notorious kids can always bet on these blinds! Again like wooden and best common type of blinds, they are also available in a wide range of styles.

Decoded: The Mystery Behind Installing Vertical Blinds!

At the outset, you hardly need any tools other than a hammer, a screwdriver and a measuring tape. But most vertical blinds do come with a decorative cover called valance. One must carefully unpack the and blind valance both before following below-mentioned steps:

  • Align the valance along the window edge while also facing towards the room.
  • Fasten all the screws through the valance and mounting surface for each of the brackets.
  • Installing vanes is a bit tricky. Carefully pull the cords so that all the stems are evenly spaced. Thereafter the cords can be rotated to open the stems as required.
  • Gently slide the louvers into the plastic stem till it fits right into the slot. All the steps must be repeated for as many vanes provided in the kit.
Vertical Blinds Service
Vertical Blinds Service

Call Our Professionals for Blinds Installation Services and See How They Work.

Clearly, given the complexities involved in installing the blind, it is advisable to connect with experts for reasons pertaining to Safe Vertical Blinds Installation in Melbourne, choosing the right style for your interiors, getting the correct shades etc.

We at Onto Blinds have a dedicated team of installers who will take picture-perfect measurements ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Not only are the window treatments done by our experts superb, they also give you a wide range of suggestions regarding the style sets available in the market for the theme of your choice.

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